Ryobi / Mini Belt Grinder – Klingspor CS321X – blade polishing


Belt Size: 25 x 762mm & 50 x 762mm / 30 inch

Ryobi / Mini Belt Grinder – Klingspor CS321X in 800 grit is ideal for blade polishing. Also compatible with the North West Knives Mini Belt Grinder or the Blade Buddy machine and Vormac Vortex Machine

Polishing Belt

The abrasive belt CS321X comes with a backing that is made of an X-cotton cloth. This makes the product an ideal choice for dry and wet grinding.

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Klingspor - Abrasive Technology


Abrasive belt CS321X – with a cotton cloth backing for a host of different applications

The abrasive belt CS321X is geared towards use on materials that are exceedingly hard. It has demonstrated its outstanding abilities in the glass industry, in ceramic and porcelain factories, and in stainless steel service centres as well as in medical engineering and aircraft construction. The use of the abrasive belt CS321X is recommended, for instance, for

  • plastic,
  • glass,
  • ceramic and porcelain,
  • stainless steel,
  • titanium and titanium alloys,
  • NF metal and
  • rubber.

Abrasive belt CS321X – a hard and aggressive abrasive for a high quality finish at a high removal rate

Its tear-resistant cotton backing makes this abrasive belt a perfect fit for work involving heavy loads and high speeds. Its silicon carbide abrasive material is fixed in place to the backing by a coat of fully synthetic resin. Klingspor makes this abrasive available as a short and a narrow belt as well as for wide belt machines. This wide selection of options makes it an equally excellent choice for automatic sanding and special glass sanding machines as well as pedestal sanders and hand-held machines.

Abrasive belt CS321X – for industrial sanding applications on surfaces and edges

The abrasive belt CS321X is distinguished by its close coating. This feature allows this product to produce excellent results when used for sanding edges and surfaces as well as deburring metal. This abrasive is an excellent option for titanium and other types of hard-to-machine materials. Its special areas of application include use as an abrasive flap in abrasive mop wheels. These tools can be used to work on stone floors, mineral tiles and other types of hard-to-machine materials.

Offering the perfect grain and width

The abrasive belt CS321X by Klingspor is available in a wide range of grit sizes. Glass, ceramic and porcelain require a wet grinding process. Dry grinding is used for titanium, other types of hard metals, wood and rubber. An even more refined finish can be achieved by combining the abrasive belt CS321X with a sanding paste.



Klingspor - Abrasive Technology

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