Knu-Foil – Heat Treatment – 0,076 x 610 x 1000mm

Knu-Foil Heat treatment foil is used by toolmakers and component manufacturers in order to protect components during heat treatment from decarburisation, scaling and pitting.

With stainless, you have approximately 2 minutes for the blade to reach quench temperature. This allows enough time to remove foil before quenching in oil. If you want to remove the blade from the foil prior to quenching do not fold the foil over but fold it around the wire that is attached to the blade to seal it as good as possible. If you are doing plate quench you can seal the bag completely, you can attach the wire externally as in the photos. For plate quenching, you don’t have to remove the foil.

Put some baby powder inside the folded foil packet and give it a good shake, and then discard the excess, before you put the blade in, this prevents the foil from sticking to the blade.


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The treatment foil is a grade 321 stainless steel, a grade found extensively in high temperature applications. The foil is cold rolled down to a thickness of 0.07mm making it very easy to handle when forming an air tight parcel. In general heat treatment foil can be used up to a temperature of 1090°C making it suitable for most heat treatment processes. Treatment foil is used in many different markets including blade and knife manufacturing so as to harden the blade without causing a detrimental effect to the aesthetic appearance.

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