Ryobi / Mini Belt Grinder – Klingspor CS910Y Ceramic – stock removal


Ryobi / Mini Belt Grinder – Klingspor CS910Y Ceramic also fits the Blade Buddy machine. Also compatible with the North West Knives Mini Belt Grinder and Vormac Vortex Machine. BELT SIZE – 50 x 762 & 25 x 762 / 30 inch belts

Abrasive belt CS910Y – for processing metal with superior efficiency

The abrasive belt CS910Y offers an ideal solution for work on stainless steel and high-alloy steels such as titanium and turbine steel. It offers particularly aggressive abrasive performance and unparalleled efficiency.

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Klingspor - Abrasive Technology


Abrasive belt CS910Y ACT – the special product for an extra long service life

The abrasive belt CS910Y by Klingspor has been specially engineered for metal processing and offers a multitude of advantages. These include

  • its green multi bond for an outstanding service life,
  • its ability to withstand unusually high loads,
  • its extensive range of application options and
  • its excellent grain adhesion.

This abrasive belt has been engineered specifically for use on machinery.

Abrasive belt CS910Y ACT – gives unbeatable abrasive performance

The abrasive belt CS910Y boasts a Y-polyester cloth backing that is exceptionally tear-resistant and stands out with its green multi bond for unparalleled service life. The abrasive material is made of ceramic aluminium oxide, applied with a close coating and bonded with fully synthetic resin. This ceramic aluminium oxide is microcrystalline, sharp-edged, hard, extraordinarily tough and self-sharpening. The close coating offers very high levels of aggressiveness and ensure a high stock removal rate. The multi bond gives this abrasive belt increased performance as it reduces the amount of waste material adhering to the abrasive grain. This quality provides for cool grinding. When used for sanding on steel, the product will not produce any heat-induced annealing colours on the workpiece. During sanding on titanium this premium product is designed to protect the abrasive belt against clogging and vitrification. It also reliably prevents any friction-induced heat that may lead to the formation of microscopic cracks on titanium alloys that are sensitive to heat. Equipped with Advanced Coating Technology (ACT), this abrasive belt CS910Y also has the additional benefit of its optimum grain adhesion.

Abrasive belt CS910Y ACT – for a wide range of application options in metal processing

Klingspor developed this abrasive specifically for use in construction, container manufacturing, in the tool industry and for turbine manufacturing in aircraft construction. This high-performance abrasive belt is a particularly fine choice for rough sanding, deburring, edge machining under heavy load and surface sanding with high contact pressure. The abrasive belt can be fitted on

  • pedestal sanders,
  • automatic sanders and
  • robotic applications.



Klingspor - Abrasive Technology

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