SAE5160 High Carbon Steel

SAE5160, is a high carbon and chromium spring steel.

SAE5160 High Carbon Steel offers users outstanding toughness, a high level of ductility, and excellent fatigue resistance, which is why it’s used in the automotive field in a number of different heavy spring applications, especially for leaf springs. It is ideal steel for the Bladesport competition chopper.

It is very popular knife steel. Although the 5160 steel itself is a good steel for knives but is primarily used in swords and larger knives, competition choppers for blade sports, or survival knives. One reason for this is 5160 is very durable steel that is also very flexible, which is very important for long blades.
It will rust. We recommend Fluid Film to prevent corrosion.


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Normalising Cycle:

843°C, Hold for 10 minutes and then cool in still air to black and magnetic.

Grain Refinement Cycle:

785°C, Hold for 10 minutes and then cool in still air to black and magnetic.

Annealing Cycle:

749°C, Hold for 30 minutes and then slow cool in furnace, ash or vermiculite.


815 – 830°C, Hold for 15 minutes

Quench in PQ11 Fast oil


190 – 200 °C

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