Trinity 7 Forge Two Wheel Grinder


Need a belt grinder?? Order yours today.

We recommend the TRINITY 7 Forge Two Wheel Grinder

  • Motor: High torque 0.75kw up to 1.5kw 4pole 380/220v Bergstrom.

  • Start/stop: start stop on VSD remote panel.

  • Variable speed: yes, variable frequency drive

  • Drive wheel: 150mm polyurethane coated.

  • Tracking: Adjustable motor mount plate for tracking. Adjustable platen arm: Adjustable arm allows for belts of 2inch x 72inch, 2inch x 80inch and 50mm x 2000mm long. Belt widths of 25, 30 and 50mm wide will run and track.

  • Platen: 260mm high flat platen with adjustable backing plate, platen can be tilted.

  • Tool rest: Fixed tool rest, can be adjusted forward and backward.

  • Dimensions: Packing dimensions 800mm deep x 400mm wide x 400mm high.

  • Weight: From 38kgs depending on motor size.

  • Accessories: Small wheel attachment, 25mm or 50mm wide from 100mm to 450mm contact wheels, stand alone adjustable tool rest.

  • Warranty: one year carry in warranty on workmanship, one year warranty on the motor.

0.75kw – R 9 800.00
1.1kw – R 11 650.00
1.5kw – R 12 800.00

Available on back-order within 4 weeks or less.

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Additional Accessories:

    • Small wheel attachment comes standard with four rollers: 15, 20, 25, 30mm wide
    • 100mm to 450mm contact wheels are constructed with aluminum cores and polyurethane coating for a soft backing.
    • Stand-alone adjustable tool rest.
    • Surface Grinding Attachment.

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Apart from the Trinity 7 Forge Two Wheel Grinder, other machines, power hammers, and presses can also be ordered.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 600 × 500 × 500 mm


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