Imported Stabilised Wood Burls


Beautiful Professionally triple dyed and stabilised wood burls.

Ideal handle material for both full and hidden tang knives where minimal movement (shrinkage and swelling) is required.



As you may know, a burl is created when a tree grows into a large ball-like structure with lots of compact swirling grain to compensate for stress, injury, insects, fungus, or viruses. The resultant burl wood is highly prized for its beauty.

Stabilised wood is a naturally beautiful wood that is filled with resin under either high pressure or vacuum to remove all the air from the wood. The final stabilized wood absorbs very little water and is less prone to swelling and shrinkage at different humidity. Therefore, it will not warp and crack as easily as untreated wood. It is also heavier, harder and more durable than the original wood.

Stabilised blanks still may contain voids or areas that are softer than others. This is normal, and, as with any natural wood, you may need to fill voids or reinforce areas with CA / Superglue.

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#114 Maple Burl, #118 Maple Burl, #120 Maple Burl, #146 Maple Burl, #172 Maple Burl, #173 Maple Burl, #204 Maple Burl, #210 Maple Burl, #212 Maple Burl, #76 Walnut, #87 Ash, #94 Maple Sycamore