Replacement Heat Treatment Furnace Parts

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Replacement spiral element / thermo couple / type K wire

Oh no! Something went wrong and your kiln is no longer heating up? Order a new element for your electric furnace and rebuild your kiln so you can get back to action. Far cheaper than sending it in to the manufacture and perfect for the DIYer.


  • Voltage 220 – 240 volts (domestic wall socket)
  • Amps : 11 – 15 amps
  • Spiral element 2500mm 230V 3kW spiral element which allows for rapid heating
  • Max temp: 1200 degrees centigrade / 2200 Fahrenheit.

Other replacement parts available. Affordable, fast, uses little electricity and the ample power makes it a perfect fit for both the casual and dedicated blade maker.

  • 20GS1978 Spiral element 2500mm 230V 3kW
  • 6mm type K wire & bead thermo couple with 2-way porcelain block
  • 1m Type K cable

Additional information


1m Type K cable, 6mm type K wire & bead thermocouple with 2-way porcelain block, Complete Spiral Element 230V 3kW (2500mm)

1 review for Replacement Heat Treatment Furnace Parts

  1. Anthony

    Thank you Stefan for the replacement element. It was perfect fit for rebuilding the furnace and it’s now back up and running again.

  2. Stefan Diedericks

    Great to hear Anthony!

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