Bandsaw Blades


Your Bandsaw Blades are a workshop essential. Whether you are cutting a blade, or handle material, your Bandsaw needs to work. We offer a variety of blades for cutting wood, steel, micarta or G10.

Carbon Blade (for wood) 6TPI 1645x13x0,65mm
Bi-Metal Blade – Multi Pitch (Starret) 10/14TPI 1640x13x0,65mm
Bi-Metal Blade 14TPI 1640x10x0,65mm
Bi-Metal Blade 14TPI 1640x13x0,65mm

Please allow 5-7 working days for back-orders. 

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Bi-Metal: 1640 x 10 x 0.65mm – 14TPI, Bi-Metal: 1640 x 13 x 0.65mm – 14TPI, Carbon: 1640 x 13 x 0.65mm – 6TPI, Metal Cut Fine: 1640 x 13 x 0.65mm – 18TPI, Bi-Metal: 1640 x 13 x 0.65mm – 10/14TPI Starret – Multi Pitch