Vallorbe® Pillar Checkering Files

The Vallorbe® Pillar Checkering Files are used to make “Jimping” on the spine of a blade.

It provides a better grip by giving the user’s thumb (or sometimes an index finger) something to bite into as it slips over the blade while working the knife. A checkering file is used to make true, accurate line spacing when checkering backstraps, trigger guards, grip frames, ribs and hammer spurs; anywhere an improved gripping surface is needed. Finer cuts give a nice matting effect to reduce glare and light distortion.

The procedure is very similar to wood checkering. Layout your master lines, then establish the pattern by moving the file a few teeth each time using the previous lines as the guide. Once the pattern is fully laid out, bring to final depth with a 60° needle file.

Notches down the spine of a blade created to provide a grip on a knife beyond the bolster. Many knives, especially pocket knives, have very shallow or widely spaced non-functional notches that are used solely for aesthetic purposes.

These larger files are ideal for jimping/checkering on the spine of larger pocket knife blades and large fixed-blade knives.

150mm length x 19mm wide

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As global benchmarks, Vallorbe® files are characterised by their unparalleled quality, their point filed right up to the end, grinding capability, precise dimension and high-quality steel.

They have therefore become indispensable in numerous sectors, including industry, forestry, jewellery, watchmaking, blacksmithing and luthiery.

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#0 – 30 TPI (medium jimping), #00 – 20 TPI (coarse jimping), #1 – 40 TPI (fine jimping), #2 – 50 TPI (very fine jimping)