Corundum Combination Whetstone with Rubber Base


If you prefer to sharpen knives the old fashioned way, then these water stones / wet stones are just what you need. The Corundum Combination Whetstone with rubber base for stability is a quality product that can beat any of the new gadgets on the market.

Essential, high-grade household whetstone of white corundum, highly durable and long-lasting. Generally used once a week to maintain your EDC blade shaving sharp.
Always soak the stone in water for 5 minutes, and then place on a steady, flat platform. Sharpen the knives with one or two steps, depending on the degree of the bluntness of the tool. Ideal for all blades, kitchen, chef’s, steak, Japanese Santoku’s, cleavers, hunting and pocket knives, straight razors and even an axe!

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Double Sided Corundum Combination Whetstone is available in various grit combinations.
Standard Size: 180 X 60 X 27 mm

Synthetic whetstone sharpeners have become increasingly popular due to their extremely consistent grit and affordable price. Ensures effective sharpening results, compact with a double-sided sharpening design and equipped with a silica gel slip-resistant base, guaranteeing safe sharpening with an exceptional edge.

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