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Top-quality South African manufactured cotton & hessian/burlap Micarta slabs/scales.

Micarta is a very durable and lightweight composite material where cloth, burlap, or paper with resin is pressed into a layered laminate. Depending on the structure and color of the starting materials the results can be in the most diverse varieties.

Thickness may vary slightly. Either 4 or 6mm thick.

Tough and strong handle material
Resistant to heat and solvents
Heavier than wood and lighter than G10
Easily sawn, sanded, and drilled
Can be buffed to a high polish to show off the weave in the layers of fabric or left rough/sandblasted for a grippier texture

Kindly note, we DO NOT have all the variants in stock all the time.

BLOCKS: 6mm x 95mm x 130mm

SHEET: 4mm x 100mm x 250mm

Other types and sizes available.

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