SOMTA Cobalt 4.5mm Reamer


The SOMTA Cobalt 4.5mm Reamer is ideal for cutting pocket knife pivot holes.

It is a parallel shank machine chuck reamer.

***Holes should be drilled 4,2mm prior to reaming.

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BENEFITS of the SOMTA Cobalt 4.5mm Reamer

The advantage of Somta manufactured reamers are that they:

  • comply with the precise tolerances specified by the DIN/ISO/BS standards
  • are supplied to some of the most exacting specialist reamer users worldwide
  • are manufactured using only premium HSS and Cobalt steel grades
  • are supplied globally to more than 70 countries, confirming an excellent level of market acceptance
  • are competitively priced
  • special diameters can be supplied by reworking from finished stock or from our extensive range of semi finished blanks. This provides for a short delivery time.

In-house TiN or TiAIN surface coatings can be applied to the full reamer range of standard and custom products prior to shipment. These Oerlikon Balzers coatings extend reamer life by as much as two to ten times depending on the specific application.



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