410 Stainless Steel 3mm x 50mm x 1 meter

410 Stainless Steel, is a low-carbon stainless. Used for san mai cladding, liners, guards, bolsters etc.
Not suitable for knife blades.

410 Stainless steel is used commonly in liners for folding knives. The advantage to 400 series stainless over 300 series is that is can be heat treated. It is slightly magnetic.

It is a more suitable material for bolster engraving.


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Important Properties

  • Corrosion resistance: Suitable for non-extreme conditions (non-acidic). For maximum corrosion resistance, choose a non-harden-able steel (without carbon), such as 304 stainless steel.
  • Machinability: After annealing, it’s relatively easy to machine and form (particularly compared to the harder 440C stainless steel).

The figures below are approximate and will vary slightly by supplier.

Element Content:
Carbon 0.15%
Chromium 11 – 13.5%
Manganese 1%
Nickel 0.5 – 0.75%
Manganese 0.04%
Silicon 1%
Sulphur 0.03%

410 Stainless Steel Heat Treatments

Reduce internal stresses and improve machinability and formability.

Heat to 830-885°C and hold for a half-hour per inch of thickness.
Cool in the furnace at up to 10°C per hour, down to 600°C.
Remove from the furnace and cool to room temperature.

Maximize the tensile strength of your material.

Heat in the furnace to 925-1010 °C.
Hold/soak for 4 minutes for 3mm thickness.
Oil quench for slow, even cooling.

Relieve internal stresses and improve toughness after the hardening process.

Reheat the workpiece in the furnace to one of two tempering temperature ranges: 200-370 °C or 560-600 °C.
Hold for at least two hours.
Remove from the furnace and allow to cool in ambient air.
The lower range will result in higher hardness (~45 HRC) but less toughness, while the higher temps will yield lower hardness (~27 HRC) but higher toughness.
Avoid tempering between these ranges because studies show negative effects on resistance properties at this level.

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