VSM ACTiROX AK890Y Ceramic – Stock Removal


VSM ACTiROX AK890Y Ceramic grinding belts are the latest generation of abrasives and offer very aggressive, quick grinding and maximum removal rates with the latest geometrically shaped ceramic grains to significantly increase your productivity.

Offering 50 % more stock removal compared to the previously leading abrasive grinding blades is now easier than ever.

Other size belts can be ordered (contact us).

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VSM ACTiROX AK890Y Ceramic

Developed for Superalloys, Titanium, stainless steel, unalloyed steel, aluminum, and non-ferrous metal (Copper, Nickle, Zinc).

Thanks to its fast grinding speed, VSM ACTiROX AK890Y offers particularly impressive results with an aggressive cut:

  • Low to medium contact pressure results in less noise and vibration, and less strain for the machine and its operators.
  • The additional grinding-active TOP SIZE layer is suitable for wet grinding and also reduces the temperature in the contact area.
  • The geometrically shaped upright ceramic abrasive grain breaks down in a defined fashion constantly producing new sharp edges. So the belts stays sharper for longer.



VSM We Know Abrasives

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