Techniloy Solder 2mm Rods and Flux

Techniloy is a high-strength Tin-based alloy solder.

  • Lead-Free
  • Non-toxic
  • Low melting point (210°C)

It can repair most metals (even join dissimilar metals) but is not suitable for Tungsten. Titanium nor Magnesium.


  • 13 x 2mm Rods (approx. 100grams)
  • 20ml Flux.
  • Techniloy Solder kits are available on request/order.



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Techniloy is a Tin-based alloy which contains no lead or any other toxic substances, nor does its fluxes.


  1. Let all soldered joints cool off naturally. Cooling it with water causes thermal shock and weakens the joint.
  2. When using TECHNILOY solder, it is not necessary to remove the galvanizing when working on galvanized steel. Just use the Liquid Flux
  3. Where metals overlap, the capillary action will suck the solder into the overlap. Just use the LIQIUID FLUX on both surfaces. (Not applicable on alloys)
  4. When repairing castings that are difficult to jig up, half-embed components in a steel bowl filled with sand to hold them in position.
  5. If the thread of a bolt hole in alloys has been stripped, it can be repaired with TECHNILOY. Drill out the remains of the old thread to leave you with a smooth wall side in the hole. Use a narrowed-down hacksaw blade to perform the TINNING PROCESS inside the hole. Once tinned, fill the hole with solder, and when cooled off, drill and tap.

For more details on how it works, check out my Youtube channel. Workshop Tip 2: Techniloy Solder

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Flux 20ml, 2mm Rods with Flux