Guy Light – LED Workshop Lamp


The Guy Light is a must-have robust lamp kit for any knife-making workshop.

We also have some in very funky powder coat colours.

They are constructed from 12.5 mm (0,5″) x 1.6 mm thick wall “Aircraft aluminium” square tubing.
All stainless nuts, bolts and connection plates to last you forever.
300 mm long powder coated wall bracket giving an overall swing range of 1.5 meters either side of the mounting to give a total of 3m swing. Everything you need for easy assembly and installation. Colour instructions in real English included.
Energy-efficient 20 watt LED lighting to enhance any workspace.

This light is so bright, you can use it for chemical etching as well.


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Light fixtures are as important a part of your workshop as any tool on the bench. If you can not see what you are doing, you will battle to create high-quality workmanship.

The main benefits of the “Guy Light” is that it is highly manoeuvrable and bright. Whether you are grinding, doing file work or engraving, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of illuminating your work-piece properly.

To see how it works, watch this video.

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