3M Trizact 237A (silver) – Blade Polishing


3M Trizact 237A is an aluminium oxide mineral abrasive on an durable cloth backing. It is resin bonded for heat resistance and features a grinding aid for cooler grinding.

Grit equivalents:

  • A6 – P2200
  • A16 – P1200
  • A30 – P600 to P800
  • A45 – P400
  • A65 – P280
  • A100 – P200


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3M™ Trizact™ Cloth Belt 237AA uses proprietary microreplication technology where micron-graded aluminIum oxide particles are formed into tiny pyramids of abrasive mineral and then coated on an X weight cloth backing. As these pyramids wear, fresh, sharp mineral is continually exposed to produce a consistent cut and a predictable, fine finish.

For use on: Aluminium, Carbon Steel, High Nickel Alloy, Soft Metals, Stainless Steel, Titanium/Zirconium

  • Excellent finish consistency
  • Good starting point for finishing applications
  • Use dry
  • Ideal for intermediate finishing and fine polishing prior to plating or buffing
  • Resin bond helps abrasive withstand heat

Designed to save production time; fewer steps are need to achieve the required finish.



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