VSM KK772J Compact Grain Polishing Belt


VSM KK772J Compact Grain Polishing Belt offers a solution for super-finishing customer-specific and reproducible scratch patterns and clean contours. Reduce time spent on hand sanding by using VSM compact-grain belts. The compact grain abrasives are recommended for continuous grinding operations, with their uniform stock removal rate they achieve consistent surface roughness throughout their long service life.

Features and Benefits:

  • Unique multi-layered abrasive
  • Promotes process stability due to consistent finish and stock removal throughout the product life
  • Fewer belt changes result in less machine downtime
  • Flexible cloth with excellent conform-ability on contours and radii

Available in the standard size: 50 x 2000, 25 x 2000

If you have the Herbst Hollow Grinding Jig, the 25 x 2350 belts will be suitable.

We also stock the 50 x 1300 belts for the Herbst Baby Grinder.

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VSM We Know Abrasives


VSM COMPACTGRAIN series are completely made of granules that consist of numerous abrasive grains. The used grains are torn out by the cutting forces involved whereby unused grain tips are being exposed.

Basic Information:

  • Grain: COMPACT-GRAIN / Aluminium Oxide
  • Backing: Flexible J-Polyester
  • Bonding: Full resin bonded
  • Product Colour: Steel Gray
  • Grit Range: #80. #120 #180, #240, #320, #400, #600, #800, #1000, #1200

Typical Work piece Materials: Metal

Typical Machine Types: Sanding Sleeves & Drums, Disc Sander, Portable Belt Sander, Back stand



VSM We Know Abrasives

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Belt Size

25 x 2000, 25 × 2350, 30 x 2000, 50 x 2000, 50 x 1300




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