Klingspor LS312 JFlex – Handle and Blade Polishing

The yellow Klingspor LS312 JFlex aluminium oxide sanding belt can be used for both sanding on stainless steel and a multitude of other materials.

The super-soft JFlex cotton backing allows for slack sanding and polishing radii and contours, such as with handles and a consistent scratch pattern.

Materials include:

  • Stainless steel, ferrous metals, and non-ferrous metal.
  • Bone
  • Wood

This abrasive belt demonstrates its exceptional performance and precision on all types of material. The yellow flexible backing allows for sanding results with sharp contours and a consistent scratch pattern. The abrasive cloth LS312JF is available in a large range of grit sizes.

Belt Sizes

  • 50 x 2000
  • 25 x 2000
  • 50 x 762 (Ryobi / Mini Belt Grinders / Blade buddy / Vormac Vortex Machine)
  • 25 x 762 (Ryobi / Mini Belt Grinders / Blade buddy / Vormac Vortex Machine)


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Klingspor - Abrasive Technology


The Klingspor LS312 JFlex comes with a yellow flexible backing made of JF-cotton, which the product very high levels of flexibility. This material makes it ideal for sanding radii and contours. The abrasive cloth is a superb choice both for sanding lightly or highly profiled work-piece and the grinding of fittings and valves. The abrasive belt is also an excellent choice for grinding fittings made of stainless steel. The abrasive material used is aluminium oxide with a semi-open coating. The bonding agent is made of fully synthetic resin and is particularly durable. These attributes combined to guarantee a work-piece finish of consistent quality.

The yellow flexible cotton backing and provides the following benefits during use:

  • Exceptionally high flexibility
  • Outstanding stock removal rate
  • Long service life
  • A great choice for profile sanding

It can be used for machine sanding on a wide variety of sanding machines.

Its sanding additives and fillers allow the LS312JF to deliver a high removal rate combined with long service life. The abrasive belt can be used for both intermediate and finish sanding. It is a perfect fit for use on pedestal and profile sanding machines, tube polishers, and automatic sanders.

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Belt Size

25 x 762, 25 x 2000, 50 x 762, 50 x 2000



Klingspor - Abrasive Technology


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