440C Stainless Steel

440C Stainless Steel has a hardness of 58–60 on the Rockwell scale. The hardness of the steel makes it ideal for knife blades.

The steel can attain high hardness levels thanks to the high carbon content. It’s not as hard as other modern steel variants, but 440C is the hardest in the 440 range.
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Annealing 440C:

It is recommended to anneal after any laser cutting or hammering of steel to relieve any possible stress in the steel.

Heat the blade in the furnace to 750°C and hold for 30 minutes. Allow the blade to cool slowly inside the furnace to room temp.

Hardening 440C:

Heat the furnace to the desired temperature between 1040 – 1080°C as per the recommendations below. Once the furnace has reached the temperature you can place the blade/s in the furnace. Once the temperature has reached the desired temp, soak according to the following:

Hardening Temperatures:

  • 1040°C if not doing cryo-treatment after the quench.
  • 1060°C if cooling in a domestic deep freezer.
  • 1080°C if doing cryo-treatment using dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

Soak Times:

  • 2,5mm thick hold for 5 minutes;
  • 3,3mm thick hold for 7 minutes;
  • 4,2mm thick hold for 10 minutes;
  • 5mm thick hold for 12 minutes.

Quench rapidly in oil (i.e. PQ20 quench oil) or between plates with air cooling. After quenching follow up with deep freezing / Cryo-treatment if desired for at least 2 hours prior to tempering.


Temper between 180 – 220°C for 1 hour

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