Damasteel Stainless Steel Damascus – Gysinge™


Damasteel Stainless Steel Damascus – Gysinge™ pattern, is suitable for small to medium sized blades, like pocket knives or smaller fixed blade knives. Named after the Swedish village Gysinge.

Consists of two different harden-able knife steel grades. It combines corrosion resistance with superior strength. An unique cutting ability is achieved through superior edge properties. Easy to maintain. An excellent steel for edge tools such as knives.

The pattern is surface intense and the effect will be strongest with a small bevel.

Back - Flat ground

Back – Flat ground

Front - Half straight bevel

Front – Half straight bevel

STRIP SIZE: 4mm x 26mm x 545mm

This strip can be cut up into smaller pieces.


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Damasteel Heat Treating:

This is phenomenal knife steel since the Chrome carbides are kept to a minute size by the manufacturing process. These are the cause of stress risers that initiate fracture points. If properly heat treated these two steels are many times stronger than other knife steels , show better edge holding and greater abrasion resistance.

1) Hardening temp. 1050⁰C. Hold time 12mins at temperature.
2) Quench rapidly between two cold metal plates.
This material is now stainless. It was not before hardening.
3) Deep cool (Liquid Nitrogen 45 minutes)

2 x 2 Hours
* 175⁰C. This will give hardness of 58 -59HRC.
Temper again for one – two hours. You can increase the temperature 20⁰C if the blades are too hard.

Etching Damasteel:
Etch with either HCL (Pool acid) as concentrated as it comes (37%) or H2SO4 (Concentrated Sulphuric acid 37% – car battery acid) Time depends on depth of etch required. Can range from 5 – 30minutes depending on the temperature of the acid.
Pool acid causes corrosion, store and use outside the workshop.

Logo Etching:
Best way to do a logo on any Damascus is to have it engraved or laser engraved.
If you wish to etch the logo, then use a super saturated solution of Ferric Chloride.(only for the logo!)

231603-data-sheet-martensitic-damascus-patterned-steel-ds93x with heat treatment recommendations and temper graph.

Damasteel – Gysinge™ Steel properties

  • Best overall performing stainless Damascus patterned steel
  • Excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance
  • Highest cleanliness with no inclusions
  • Incomparable toughness and strength
  • Patented Powder Metallurgy product
  • Solid Steel Technology™ resulting in a homogenous product
  • Top quality and easy to work with ensures perfect result
  • Patented Powder Metallurgy product


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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 545 × 26 × 4 mm