Bohler N690 Stainless Steel

Böhler-Uddeholm N690 Stainless Knife Steel (1.4528) is a conventionally produced martensitic stainless corrosion-resistant knife steel with excellent edge holding capabilities. The addition of chromium and vanadium enhances edge-holding capability, while cobalt and molybdenum help to retain high hardness.

Hardness approx. 60 HRC
Very high resistance to rust.
Very good to polish (some grain).
Good edge retention.


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Chemical Composition (average %)

1.08 0.40 0.40 17.30 1.10 0.10 1.50

Heat Treating N690 from Bohler Uddeholm (recommended)

Annealing N690:

It is recommended to anneal after any laser cutting or hammering of steel to relieve any possible stress in the steel.

Heat the blade in the furnace to 750°C and hold for 30 minutes. Allow the blade to cool slowly inside the furnace to room temp.

Hardening N690:

Heat the furnace to the desired temperature between 1040 – 1080°C as per the recommendations below. Once the furnace has reached the temperature you can place the blade/s in the furnace. Once the temperature has reached the desired temp, soak according to the following:

Hardening Temperatures:

  • 1040°C if not doing cryo-treatment after the quench.
  • 1060°C if cooling in a domestic deep freezer.
  • 1080°C if doing cryo-treatment using dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

Soak Times:

  • 2,5mm thick hold for 5 minutes;
  • 3,25mm thick hold for 7 minutes;
  • 4mm thick hold for 10 minutes;
  • 5mm thick hold for 12 minutes.

Quench rapidly in oil (i.e. PQ20 quench oil) or between plates with air cooling. After quenching follow up with deep freezing / Cryo-treatment if desired for at least 2 hours prior to tempering.


Temper between 150 – 200°C twice for 1 hour

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Voestalpine / Böhler-Uddeholm is a worldwide market leader for tool steel and other specialty steels including high-quality Tool Steels, High-Speed Steel, Silver Steels, and Gauge Plates. It was formed in 1991 as a result of a merger between the Austrian parastatal Böhler and of Uddeholms AB of Sweden.
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