VSM XK880Y Ceramic PLUS – Stock Removal

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The VSM XK880Y Ceramic PLUS are premium quality belts for high pressure stock removal.

Backing material: Y-Polyester

Flexibility: Very sturdy

Microcrystalline ceramic grain abrasive with a medium-closed coating and optimised self-sharpening effect on a very sturdy polyester cloth backing: achieves maximum stock removal – and therefore cost savings – when grinding high-alloy steels with medium to high contact pressure. The additional TOP SIZE layer improves stock removal while reducing the temperature in the grinding zone.

BELT SIZE – 50 x 2000 & 25 x 2000

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VSM We Know Abrasives


Features and Benefits of VSM XK880Y Ceramic PLUS:

  • Improved self-sharpening characteristics provide high stock removal rates and longer product life
  • Life is 1.5 times longer than conventional ceramics (100% Ceramic)
  • Features cool cutting technology for reducing heat and increasing performance
  • No flattening, dulling or clogging of the grain
  • Suitable for medium to high pressure grinding applications
  • Sturdy cloth backing for reliable performance
  • Suitable for medium to high pressure, dry/wet grinding applications

Basic Information:

  • Grain: VSM Ceramics PLUS
  • Backing: Sturdy Polyester Y-Cloth (dry and wet)
  • Bonding: Resin over Resin
  • Special Features: Top Size, Suitable for Wet Applications
  • Product Colour: Red-Brown
  • Grit Range: P36, P60, P80, P120

Typical Workpiece Materials: Metal

Typical Machine Types: Centerless / Cylindrical, Stroke Sander, Portable Belt Sander, Backstand, Wide Belt / Flat grinding, Swingframe, Slack of Belt, Wire Drawing / Planetary


  • Optimised self-sharpening effect results in an extremely high stock removal rate thanks to constant recreation of sharp grain points
  • Cost saving when grinding high-alloyed steels thanks to highest possible stock removal rate
  • Extremely long service life
  • High wear resistance
  • Cool grinding and extension of service lives with VSM TOP SIZE additional grinding-active layer
  • Suitable for medium to high pressure grinding applications



VSM We Know Abrasives

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg

#36, #60, #80

Belt Size

25 x 2000, 50 x 2000

1 review for VSM XK880Y Ceramic PLUS – Stock Removal

  1. Anthony

    I’ve been using the XK880 belts for the past 2 years for my knifemaking, since there were launched after using the XK870 and XK760 ceramic variations. I’ve been super impressed in the life and scratch pattern these belts offer. Have trial a few other competitor products, I keep coming back to these for performance and price.

  2. Stefan Diedericks

    VSM is surely best value for money belts. Great quality!!

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