Actirox AF890 Fibre Discs

It is the P36 grit with a P60 grit finish!!

Actirox AF890 Fibre Discs, new technology with maximum stock removal rate and a high initial aggressiveness thanks to the geometrically shaped ceramic grain. Ideal for machining stainless steels and superalloys with a cool cut and no discolouration thanks to the TOP SIZE additional grinding-active layer. AF890 achieves its full performance when used with angle grinders in the upper power range.

Ideal for fast stock removal. Recommended for any knifemaker or blade smith.

ACTIROX AF890 available in single units.



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Actirox AF890 Info Brochure

Dimensionally stable vulcanised fibre backing.
Geometrically shaped ceramic grain.
Maximum performance thanks to optimum size coat.
Upright abrasive grains at optimum angles ensure an aggressive cut.
The plus in grinding performance.
Practice has shown that ACTIROX abrasives have a higher abrasive performance than  comparable conventional abrasives – with a consistent surface finish.
You achieve higher stock removal than you would expect with the specified grit size, but you do not get a rougher surface. A real plus for your grinding process.
Grain technology
> Maximum stock removal thanks to geometrically shaped ceramic grain leads to a reduction in operating costs.
> More than twice as much stock removal compared to conventional ceramic grain abrasives.
> Increase in productivity: More workpieces per unit of time due to fast cutting.
> Extremely stable dimensions and a durable vulcanized backing satisfy the highest safety requirements.
> The tailored and extremely hard back-up pad VSM TURBO PAD 3 leads to a further increase in
stock removal.
> Cool grinding processes and extended service lives thanks to the additional grinding-active layer.

Medium close coated
Medium to high pressure

Ideal for Stainless Steel, Superalloys, Unalloyed Steel, Aluminium Non-ferrous metal.
Materials Features:
Product data sheet · Fibre discs
Grain type Ceramic
Full-resin bonded
Backing Vulcanised fibre
Production width 1,470 mm

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