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Putting the final touches on a work piece. We stock a variety of Buff compounds for that final polish, from a fair finish to a mirror polish. Ideal for knife makers, jewellers, metalworking artists.

Marpol Polishing Cream, for finer hand polishing.


Our product range includes polishing compounds for the metal surfaces of products of simple and complex profile. We have in stock all types of coarse and fine polishing compound: pre-finish, to get a gloss (polishing to a mirror surface); metal, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, nonferrous metals; liquid and solid polishing compound. Here you will select what you need – in composition, method of application, accuracy, surface finish.

The process of polishing the surface of metals consists of several stages:

  1. Rough machining – removing all traces of the coarse scratches, irregularities, surface rust, corrosion, oxidation, burrs that need to be processed. C94
  2. Preparation for polishing – at this stage there is thin provisioning of the treated surface to be polished. Blue VOLAX or UNIPOL
  3. Polishing – grinding compounds required for this stage, provide a perfect mirror-polishing a variety of materials, providing a high level of brilliance. G1

Compounds for these processing are put on a special grinding fixture, made of fabric, felt and leather.

The Marpol Buff Soap and polish blocks comes as highly recommended buff compounds in the jewellery making industry.

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