VSM XK870X & XK870F Ceramic – Stock Removal

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VSM XK870X & XK870F Ceramic Universal ceramic grain abrasive with a self-sharpening effect: offers impressive results on stainless steels, superalloys, or non-ferrous metals with aggressive cut and a very long service life across a wide range of applications. The additional TOP SIZE layer improves stock removal while reducing the temperature in the grinding zone.

This constant cut-rate reduces grinding time, resulting in less operator fatigue, while increasing productivity and improving abrasive costs.


Applications: High-alloy steel, chrome, titanium, chrome, brass & bronze
Self-sharpening characteristics provide high stock removal rates and long product life
Features cool cutting technology for reducing heat and increasing performance
Sturdy backing for reliable performance and longevity
Suitable for dry or wet grinding
Suitable for medium pressure grinding applications

Backing material: X-Polyester
Flexibility: Sturdy
Grit Range: in X-backing (Stiff) P36, P60, P80, P120

Backing material: F-Cotton
Flexibility: Very flexible
Grit Range: in F-backing (Soft) P180, P240 & P400


  • 50 x 2000
  • 30 x 2000 (can be ordered)
  • 25 x 2000
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Basic Information VSM XK870X & XK870F Ceramic:

  • Grain: VSM Ceramic Grain
  • Backing: Sturdy Polyester Cloth
  • Bonding: Resin over Resin
  • Special Features: Top Size, Suitable for Wet Applications
  • Product Colour: Red
  • Grit Range: in X-backing P36, P60, P80, in F-soft backing P180, P240 & P400

Typical Machine Types: Swingframe, Sanding Sleeves & Drums, Slack of Belt, Wire Drawing / Planetary, Back stand, Centerless / Cylindrical, Stroke Sander, Portable Belt Sander, Disc Sander, Wide Belt / Flat Sanding




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  1. Anthony

    When I started making knives I used the XK870s a lot. Since then I’ve experimented with a number of different belts and have recently come back to the 870s. They really are a top-notch ceramic belt that is hard to beat at its price point.

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